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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27th

All for nothing... Tuesday nights are big in the bike racing community of Charlotte.  If you race, you are a fixture at Orr Road, an industrial park in North Charlotte where a make shift crit is set up and has been for years.   It is like the water cooler, we all come together from all areas, suburbs and surrounding communities and catch up, talk about the weekend and test each other out.   

Well, tonight was iffy because the threat of rain, but all indications lead about 30 of us to Orr Road where cones were kindly alredy set up and we were ready to go.   As soon as we make the journey from the Dowd YMCA on Morehead to Orr Road, the rain starts.  Around here you never know how long it will last and how it will effect the ride... I mean race.  Of course the rain never stopped and after about 5 laps in 50 degree temperature with accompaing cold rain, it was getting a little out of hand.

We decided to head back early and cut our losses.  It absolutely poured on the way back, but even the old cliche "once your wet your wet" just does't do justice to a cold continued downpour.   Made it back to Uptown and heading back to South Charlotte (home), frozen and thinking hard about some hot chocolate and chicken noodle soup, but not together.   Door to door... 41 miles and lots of character building.

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