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Friday, April 30, 2010

Spartanburg, SC - Friday Night Crit

Stacked field in Spartanburg tonight.  There were even some top mastes riders out of Florida on the start line.  CM had 4 guys counted for... CB, RJ, KJ and myself.  Ready to roll...

Out of the shoot a few guys tried to get some separation.   Three guys with some space.  I bridge up with a bullet only to have it brought back shortly.   Okay.  Try again, so after recovering a few guys create some space... Thomas Smith (dude works his arse off), Cleve Blackwell, a POA guy, Sean Waddell and myself.   The POA guy is blowing quickly and Waddell won't work (imagine that) and of course the other two get up the road never to be seen again (mistake #1), well until they freaking lap the field.  Congrats to Cleve for the win, but Thomas is more deserving as an absolute workhorse. 

So Waddell and I exchange words (who hasn't with this guy) and finally sit up and wait for a four man break coming to us, including two of my teammates... CB and RJ.   We jump on the break and again Waddell does nothing, so I get in the back only to see Phillip Elliott come across to my wheel.  His FL results show he is a strong rider, so (mistake # 2), I let a gap open up to (a) either make him work hard to close it OR (b) what actually happened, he didn't, and bye-bye and back to the pack we go.  I took Phillip out and myself, but there go my boys chasing 1 & 2.   No such luck, but the five do stay away for CM to claim 3rd and 7th.

And in the pack, a few flurries of attacks and some good hard work by Steve Sperry, but the big boys were gone for the night.  I knew there were several guys aiming for 8th since it paid 10 deep.  And some guy who calls himself "the hurricane" was there waiting.  Bell lap and the frenzy begins.  A guy goes, KJ jumps to him and it is single file.  I dive deep into the 3rd turn to create a route to KJ's wheel - perfect.   Never goes to plan does it?   The first guy dies and fades quickly, KJ is able to come around and out of no where this "hurricane" does in fact live up to his billing.  Hurricane 8th, KJ 9th, Fader 10th and I sneak in for 11th.  Not bad, entire team in top 11.  I know, we can do better, but you try to stay encouraged in this sport and live to race another day.

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