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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rain Rain Go Freaking Away - Tuesday - June 1st

How many days can it continue to rain in Charlotte? I am getting started on the ark tomorrow. I crossed my fingers and gave it a wish that the forecast would be wrong. The sun gave me hope, but of course 19 minutes into Orr Road the sky fell out and the downpour started as we floated back home down the River Tryon on two wheels. But first...

A sparse crowd of those not smart enough to believe the weather forecast. Got to Orr Road and got started just fine. MHill went from the gun, solo. Very impressive, but never have I seen an early move last, and certainly never a solo move. I think Mark just wanted to hit us quick and get his workout in before he headed off to the gym, or this night to celebrate his anniversary. And as always a few moves here and a few moves there, but nothing sticking and we never really made it long enough for legs to start fatiguing and giving up a little on attacks and covering attacks. I flatted about 15 minutes in and to be honest was somewhat thankful as I wasn't feeling it tonight, but it does take me some time to get the old body moving well. I had been in one of those early moves and didn't have the horsepower or representation needed to work that hard. Sorry, but it is a fact and why blow your load when you know the chase and catch will soon follow and the attacks will continue long after you wish you had those bullets back.

As we got back in town, it appeared dryer and once to the booty loop (that is another story) it hadn't even rained, so Santana and BMiller hit the loop for a few laps. Mr. Miller was on a single speed cross bike (again, another story), but he is strong enough to do so. We caught on with the local triathlete team.. some sort of threats - not real intimidating, but certainly look dangerous with those little funny bars sticking out ready to poke and prod while trying hard to hold a straight line. Just kidding. I can say that since I am a former tri guy and now wear sleeves and like to ride very inconsistent speeds. We took to the loop for a few laps at single file pace to keep the heart rate high and the legs in a spot of bother. A little game of cat and mouse to keep everybody entertained.

Rolling home and 55 miles later, I was still soaked from the earlier downpour. No way it can rain again tomorrow, right?

A little soapbox and if you are a metric or power driven geek and you know exactly who you are, then turn away and don't continue reading or you will be beside yourself in disbelief, but remember this is my blog and my opinion.  And yes I have a power meter and these things can be quite useful IF used correctly.  I certainly don't use mine correctly, but is is mine, right and I can do anything I want with it including not using it.   I do use it, but not with all the bells and whistles and graphs and plots and dots and colors and in the land of make belive of "what ifs".   As a matter of fact, I get questions about why I don't report my data and share some of those files.   I don't because I don't over analyze it and don't want to get caught up in data that keeps the mind from telling the legs to go until you blow.  I raced Saturday night at High Point and never looked down once to check speed, distance, power, cadence, etc.   It wasn't important.  What was important is that I keep the wheel in front of me and that I keep an eye (from the break) on what is behind me and stay consistent when need be and pick up power or pace when need be.   You get a feel for these things.  You become insightful and maybe even intuitive as a bike racer.   Use wisely and don't let power slow you down.  Gosh, I can hear CAndrews lecturing me right now.   Retract it all. :)

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