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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Soaker Ride - May 31st

I'd like to recognize this day and it's significance... Memorial Day... a day many take for granted, but one to stop and realize how many men and women have fought and are still fighting for our freedom and safety around this world so that we can take pleasure in doing the things that we do in our everyday lives. God bless those countrymen for all they do and for those that lay to rest in honor of our great nation. Happy Memorial Day!

Cyclists are allergic to rain, but more from the need to keep the equipment clean and their shoes dry. If we think it might rain, we break out the rain bike, rain shoes, rain everything. Today was suppose to be nice in the a.m., showers in the p.m. Boy was that forecast further from the truth. And meteorologists get paid for this type of prediction.

Started out at 8a with a few local guys for a 2 hour ride. Easy pace, just spinning the legs and enjoying the holiday. Lead by RGrier, we did some sightseeing of some old JReavis routes that are too busy these days and not well maintained for bikes. Nice change of pace though and kept the showers away until we started down the backside of Dam Road. It looked like we were heading right into the eye of the storm (remember, we are cyclists and not necessarily known for our intellect), but we wanted a piece of Dam Road (a nice little climb close by and always splits the group on local rides). We got absolutely drenched going up Dam Road and back through Fort Mill. As a matter of fact, from that point on it rained non-stop. We decided without even a conversation that it was a B line back to the shop. But it was absolutely horrible conditions getting back, with huge puddles everywhere. Brakes weren't working well, road markings were dangerous to get near and we couldn't even see at times from the barrage of rain and splash from passing cars (i think they secretly got a thrill out of splashing those darn cyclists - little did they realize that we were already wet).

What a way to spend your day off and early morning up, but 40 miles later I am sure each of us was glad to be back at home spending Memorial Day with our family in dry clothes. An "A" for effort and an honorary degree in meteorology bestowed to all that finished today. Great job!

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