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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dilworth Crit - Saturday, May 1st - Masters 35

I love Charlotte, I love Dilworth and I love Latta Park, but I don't like that crit course at all.  They say it is a power climb, but after about 20 times, my legs scream "BS" on that.   Should that spell the day? 

We had a good sized team... The Don, The Judge, Powers, Hill, Johnson and myself.   We seemed on the defensive for the first five laps and I covered the moves, although a bit early to worry about much, but all the moves had a guy that could podium.    Seems like the attacks were happening more so on the downhill, so we're talking 35 mph or so. 

Don't remember much after this, but as it always happens the move went at the point I had just done some work and I had no chance of connecting for the ride.   There was separation of two groups, a 7 man, which had The Don and The Judge - fair enough ammunition.  They were towing around Jay Charles and The Hurricane from Florida along with Thomas Smith and another.   Star studed cast there.  And a four man break chasing, but never did connect.  

That left the field with a lot less horsepower and guys crazy thinking we/they would bridge that gap, but unfortunatley we (Carolina Mastes) had missed the second break, so we had four in the pack just setting tempo and following any attacks.  Still a painful adventure.

Don't know the details, but The Judge picked up 2nd as the Hurricane never took a pull and had the balls to sprint for the victory - don't have as much class or racing etiquette in Florida I guess.  I am sure there was drama and I am certain The Don and The Judge tried to yield the Hurricane of a group finish.

They had already raced the 45+, so were probably a bit spent.   I sat up on the last lap.   Paid 10 deep and 11 guys were up the road, so why sprint for 12th?  Never reason with a bike racer.

Another year, another Dilworth.  If not in my background, I would not even bother, but always exciting to see your friends, neighbors, fellow racers and the like.   Plus, it is a part of Crit Week, so the Pro race is stacked with national and international talent - a great family friendly venue and plenty to see.

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