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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blood Sweat & Gears - A Little Practice Ride - Sat - May 15th

A long freaking day indeed, out the door at 6a and back at 7:30p.  103 miles, 8500 feet of climbing, temps in the high 80's and lots of sun, but overall an absolutely beautiful day to ride your bike in the mountains.  

The adventures of Randy & Doug were quite entertaining and kept the time passing to and fro Valle Cruis.  Thank goodness not a lot of adventure on the ride though.  All went well and we pitted at the convenience store at Meatcamp, at the base of Snake.  We could tell at that point, mile 57, things were starting to slow and fatigue setting in a bit.   Time to march on though, because the good stuff has yet to come, including the venomous Snake Mountain, a little climb into Tennessee, George's Gap, a climb up River Road to 421 and finally Mast Gap.

There was an organized cycling race in Boone today and it ended at the top from the backside of George's Gap.   Saw several of the groups racing that and was darn thankful that I had not participated in that little monster of a climb with those little skinny rockets.  

Was very happy to get back to Valle Cruis Elementary School with legs still in tact.   OUCH!   Now, time for beer, beer and more beer at Macado's in downtown Boone.  A good place and way to soak your pain and recount the stories of the day from each's perspective.  I certainly wouldn't call the pace fast, but we motored and stayed consistent and just tryed to keep cool and hydrated.  Strength in cycling is built in the mind as well as the legs and today was a great mental challenge to conquer BSG early.

Off to Cali for a few days to watch Stage 3 of the Tour in Santa Cruz.  Look forward to seeing Spartacus and my man, Jens.   Should be a good time to get off the bike and enjoy being a fan of the sport.

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