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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Charlotte Nationals (Orr Road Crit) - Tuesday - May 11, 2010

Well, we dodged the threat of rain tonight and were able to get Orr Road in. 

Seemed like a slightly smaller group than normal and a slightly slower group than normal.   Not sure of the average, but it was very managable and I heard several others comment afterwards about the managable pace.  All the usual suspects and teams accounted for.

Because of the pace there were many attacks, but nothing ever really seemed to stick.  Just not the right mix nor obviously the right strength.   However, with four to go The Judge got away with Trey Miller and only one of the two survived.   The pack picked up Trey with less than 1/4 lap to go and The Judge crossed the finish line no more than a second or two ahead of the field finish.  I picked up the sprint finish for 2nd, so Carolina Masters rolls again with 1st and 2nd.  Not sure where The Don or The Kid finished up, but both were very active tonight.  At the end of the day, no podium, no points, no money and no memory of who won or placed the week before.  

I guess the down side of this weekly summer ritual is that you get to know the players, their moves, the course and what to expect almost the entire practice race, so we get slightly content or maybe even too bold, but it is what it is, a free, fun and safe place to practice criterium training with your friends and local competitors.

Thanks to all that keep it organized (Rafik) and those that continually provide, house and set up cones for the course (Darren, etc.). 

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