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Friday, August 6, 2010

2 Saturdays of BikeSouth - July 24th & July 31st

Did BikeSouth (new school calls it Carolina Bicycle on 51) on Saturday, July 24th and July 31st.  The recollection is becoming more blurred as the dates pass, but we'll give the memory a go.  On the 24th, we probably had the largest group I have ever seen out there, with what I thought was at least 75 guys.  Obviously no races or at least none close enough to worry with.  I swear I counted at least 26 Preferred Parking kits.   Don't recall the Doby Bridge sprint, but on the finale, the valet train was in full force, Matt, Gordon and I believe Rick leading out Trey.   I had to bridge across to make it on Trey's wheel.  I was surprised no one else made the junction, but I enjoyed the ride as each clicked off 500K or so to set Trey up.   Now, on occasion I have beaten Trey in a sprint, but the young gun has been training hard and is riding the best I have ever seen him, so I stuck on his wheeel and gave thought of trying to come around, but dude was drilling it and I had no other choice but to enjoy the ride across the line.  Could't be beat by a nicer, and humble, guy.   Time to visit Brueggers on East with the usuals, RSmith, DEngle, DKessler, etc.   Nice time to catch up get junk miles in and enjoy the sights and sounds of Dilworth.

On the 31st, it was much tamer with multiple races going on in Reidsville and Black Mountain.  I believe Matt got away solo on Doby Bridge (with fresher legs) and then on the finale, he goes again solo and no one chases until Hatchcock takes a dig, but can only get halfway across.  I jump and take Jeff Hunter with me.  We catch Joe and I get on the front to two and almost there, we go ahead and gift it to Joe since he worked so hard going across to Matt.  But no, Marcus wants that 2nd place glory and takes Joe on the line.  Oh well, what would we do without teammates?   To backtrack a bit, I couldn't sleep much the night before, so had gotten up at 4a and took the dog for an hour walk before getting on my bike by 5:30 for the booty loop where the infamouse 24 Hours of Booty was going on.   Nice to have so much company on a Saturday morning at 5:30.  Had 25 miles by the time I got to BikeSouth at 7a.   After the ride, we went to Brueggers again by way of the Booty and just an impressive sight for such a wonderful cause.   All in I was at 85 miles, way to many approaching Crossroads.  Now the fun begins... Crossroads.

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