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Sunday, August 15, 2010

CrossRoads - Salisbury - Aug 5th

Our home course in Salisbury and we came out in force, but not before watching a lot of unnecessary crashes in the 4/5 race.  I was extremely disappointed in the promoter and the officials for this because many guys were carted off, four with broken collar bones.  A little wisdom and experience could have prevented this instead of putting cones up in the middle of their freaking race, which obviously demonstrates fault.

We were ready to roll with deflated tires and needed a good showing in this one.   Started out fairly cautious just to make sure we all knew the turns, but it quickly picked up pace.   JP kept the pace very high for more laps than my legs realized.  I finally weaved through and made it up to the front to try and help.  He looked back and I attacked from 3 or 4 deep.  Solo suicide as I call it, but gave it my best for 2 laps before the sprint competition bell rang and the sprinters came forward to take over.   Again, bad tactical move to go solo and draw no one out. 

Not long after Ryan is able to jump free, solo, where he is a master time trialist (and obviously I am not).  He went on to win solo, which is great for him and for the team.  Ryan had just gotten back from Masters Nationals and put in a hard effort at Lowe's the night before.  He was feeling it.  On the other hand, I was not and just couldn't get my legs moving nor the mind after seeing all of those crashes and knowing I could go down, again, if not careful.  The Judge pulled out 2nd and JP 4th.  The Judge still wore blue and Fraham in yellow.  Grant is still in contention so we still have a few cards to play. 

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