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Sunday, August 15, 2010

CrossRoads - Concord - Aug 4th

Probably the fastest of all the courses and the favorite is Concord.  What a wonderful venue, town and spectators.   We had changed our tactic a bit and wanted to sit in and watch others to see how it might play out if we didn't take charge.  The usual onesies here and onesies there, but nothing serious or threatening.   Finally after keeping the field strung out and the pace high, a lull existed and Grant had the opportunity to roll off and pick up pace.   This is exactly how we discussed it and designed it, but it never happens like you discuss.  This night it did.  Grant is on great form.   Immediately, Keith and I got on the front and kept the pace tempo, which did it's job at preventing others from attacking.  Not sure why they didn't because it was a great time to do so, but I think the pace had been so high for so long that guys were glad to have a break, us in control and thoughts that one guy couldn't stay away solo for that long.  Guess again my friends. 

Grant soloed to victory.   Late in the race, Pat Raines made a great move to get away solo and looked as though he might have it timed to perfection, but good ole Marcus Morgan used the sprint point competition to launch himself solo.  He made it across to Raines and pulled out 2nd.  Glad for the Charlotte boy.  Again my finish left a lot to be desired.  The legs are already tiring.  I believe The Judge was 5th and still out of yellow, but we don't mind being the underdog.  It is how you finish that counts.

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