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Sunday, August 15, 2010

CrossRoads - Mocksville - Aug 3rd

This course has never been kind to me.  Last year I had season ending shoulder reconstruction surgery.  OUCH!   I always say you have to get back on that horse and chase the deamons away.   I had registered for the series for Masters and 3's.  That didn't last long - more to come.   Masters was the usual stacked field.  The field was mixed with 35+ & 45+.  Grant, Charlie, Keith and I were the only guys that were signed up for the omnium.   We also had Derrick and Mark racing this night.   Almost a full squad.  As usual the race started out with a bang although there was still a lot of watching going on to see which contender would strike first and how the cards would be dealt from there.  

I rolled off with a guy from MOB, Mike, who will be referred to as The Cheat from here on out because of a card he played in Statesville - more to come.   We stayed away for what seemed about 8 laps or so building as much as a 20 second gap, but two problems here, first Crossroads race, weaker guys from our two teams and not the right mix or enough in the mix.   It came down quickly, but unfortunately I had cooked the legs quite a bit being in the break.  It wasn't the smartest move for me and would be followed by small other tactical mistakes during the course of the week.   And this year a Sprints point competition was sponsored to shake things up and add another jersey to the mix, so that changed the dynamics of the race and created a different race within the race. 

Before The Cheat and I got caught by the field, we were also caught by a 3 man break, which should really have been a two man break.  The officials let one of the POA guys in the break from the pit, when he should have been placed in the field.  Charlie and co. came up to us and I gave a hard effort, but just couldn't match their pace after our 8 laps, so tactical mistake blunder.  Back in the field, we just kept an eye on any other moves making sure Charlie stayed away.  I did get into with SWaddle, who has to be one of the biggest pricks in the sport.   A total jackass this guy is.  We had some words and battled for a wheel before Waddel had the nerve to purposefully come over 3 or so bike lengths and run right into me and tryed like hell to hook me.  I kept it upright and finally the jackass, who has obviously got some anger management issues and is obviously on something that causes his temper and outrage as well as ability to throw in multiple attacks beyond what most of us can do.    My finish was not good and the night ended with AFraham in yellow and The Judge in Blue (sprints).   The irony in that is that Fraham beat The Judge in the sprint.  Much more racing to come.

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