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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Plantation - Sunday, July 27th

I don't frequent the Plantation ride often, but happened on it this morning because it was going to be 100 degrees that afternoon.   Nice crowd and good time to socialize because the first 8-10 miles are warm up. I never know where the first sprint is, so I never have an interest in playing, but Vigna, Marcus, Keesler and the gang sure enjoy it.   It provides them good team practice, which between you and I will never happen in a real race, but it is nice practice.   I am sure one of them got it.

But I do like to participate in the second sprint and I knew the leadout would be for Vigna.  We all played a pretty good game of look around and wait to call each others bluff.   Finally someone lead out and had two of his teammates on him, Matt, Marcus and Vigna was the set up.   I was on Vigna and the front got bunched by the roll offs, but somehow at the last second I found an opening with about 25 meters to go and was able to get Vigna.   I decided to continue my momentum and stay on it through Waxhaw and even up Rohobeth Church.  I saw a group of guys chasing, Scott Staley, Trey Miller, Matt Botting and one other.   I held them off until on the water tower road, which i was happy with since i am obviously not much of a climber.

We regrouped for hitting 521.  TFenig decided to roll ahead of us and gave it a go.  I bridged across and Tom didn't seem to be in the mood to play and was forthright in letting me know.  But Trey was and he came across and we stayed away a while longer before he popped me (will be a common theme for a while I am sure).   A little cat and mouse amongst the group and Trey kept taking digs.   I played for a while, but was ready to head home.  Game over.

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